We had the extreme pleasure of working with Jody for our major home renovations. She turned our 1970’s house into a gorgeous new home. Entire new first floor, master bathroom, and all the in-between. Walls came down, windows went in, and color schemes were created- inspired by a favorite picture of ours, all under Jody’s watchful eye. She was available when needed, and we really felt her passion for our project. She was as excited as we were with each new change. Even though we had no clue about design, my husband and I knew what we liked, and Jody was able to pick up on it seamlessly and offer us choices where we couldn’t go wrong. She was the best, and people are constantly asking about her and her contact information for when their house renovation time has come. Her warm and friendly, no-judgment attitude was such a blessing. We felt like we had an extremely knowledgeable friend at our side while making decisions, and at no point did we feel pressured one way or another. We could not be happier to have worked with Jody! Our house has turned into our new favorite work of art! 


-The Stulberg Family 

There is no way to describe my delight in working with Nimbus 9. Their expertise in design, selection of furniture and accessories and client understanding far surpass anyone else that I have worked within the last 23 years. My budget and personal tastes were always their first concern. In 4 months my project was complete.


-The Freiberg Family

Mikey has been a wonderful part of this project. A pleasure to work with him from the very beginning. He is well able to understand different styles and come up with excellent solutions to design issues that come up on remodeling projects. I would definitely hire him again.

-The Kherani Family

Jody has an amazing sense of style and vision. She is a true designer, who demonstrated to us her ability to achieve an elegant, modern and fresh look while still having the feel of comfort and livability that you want in a home. From the beginning of our partnership, Jody understood exactly what our taste leanings were based on a few brief meetings to get a sense of our personal preferences. From there, Jody was able to recommend options to us that we would never have been able to come up with on our own! She can visualize and completely transform your home to achieve a completely refreshed and more beautiful look while ensuring the most is made from the standpoint of function. Jody’s guidance and attention have caused us to love our house more than we already did, and she has accomplished all of this for us several times within the budget we agreed upon at the onset. Over the last several years, Jody has assisted us with transforming five bathrooms, and our entire basement (including a new exercise space, guest bedroom, and completely new living space). We have also worked with her on choices for bedroom furniture, new carpeting, textured wallpaper, and window dressings in various rooms throughout our home. At this point, we trust her guidance without exception.

-The Baron Family

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